A reduction in apples and pears in Catalonia

Apple and pear productions have recorded a drop, with slight variations according to the areas

There has been a 1% drop in apples, with a volume of around 273,970 tonnes and of 8% for pears, with a volume of 139,420 tonnes.

This decrease is due to the heavy rainfall and hailstorms in the spring that affected flowering and setting. In spite of there being new production hectares, these do not make up for the amount of trees that have been uprooted. And in general, a delay in the harvest has been predicted of between 5 and 10 days.

This occurs at the beginning of a very unusual campaign, when the Catalan storerooms are empty of produce, therefore fluid marketing is expected.

There is a feeling of optimism amongst Spanish operators, even if data confirmation from Prognosfruit is needed by European countries. In any event, they are watching very closely what has happened in China, where virtually 50% of the harvest has been lost. Therefore, this could be mean difficulties with concentrate supplies, more so when Poland has also suffered from bad weather conditions.

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