Victoria and Gloria, indisputable leaders in courgettes

HM.Clause continues to grow alongside them, and is launching its new variety, Mítica F1, with great expectations

Many of the farmers who decide to plant courgettes in July and August choose Clause’s Gloria F1 and Victoria F1 varieties. These two are well-known references in their segment, which stand our due to their productivity and high parthenocarpy (that is to say, a low percentage of sucked fruit). In what ways do they differ? Gloria F1 is earlier and its more compact bearing means that it stands up to the heat better. On the other hand, Victoria F1 has a sturdier plant and this allows a longer growing cycle. It is the material that yields most kilos of fruit. It is also “the one that with the highest quality in its segment,” according to Ray García, sales delegate in Almeria. In general, and except for the appearance of problems such as the New Delhi virus, “farmers who plant Gloria F1 in winter, move on to plant Musa F1 or Sinatra F1; and those who decide on Victoria F1, repeat with Victoria F1 again.”

Following this top-quality philosophy, the seed company has developed a new variety that will make its sales debut in September, but which is already on its way to success. In June, Garcia already observed that “we are not going to have enough seeds.” And the fact is that the material has been popular, very popular, in the pre-commercial trials over the past two years. Recommended for September planting, this courgette stands out due to its versatility, since it can also be planted from the beginning of December until the end of February for the spring segment. It has an open plant, with short internodes, encouraging the aeration of the fruit and greater vegetable health. With a medium strength plant, it starts producing quickly and it has a high yield. The high quality, homogeneous fruit are very straight and shiny, with a very deep green colour and a very small blossom closing. Resistance to powdery mildew (Px), and aphids with Zucchini (ZYMV) and Watermelon (WMV), complete a package of options for choosing this variety.

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