“Brand strategy must be global”

David Baldoví, from the communication agency Brandsummit, talked to Fruit Today euromagazine about the importance of marketing in the sector

 What percentage does the fruit and vegetable sector represent within the company?

For Brandsummit, food represents 100% of our activity and 20% of this belongs to the fruit and vegetable sector. We have worked with different brands of fruit, accompanying projects such as the launch of a new range on the market, a complete redesign of the brand positioning or the strategic designing of packaging.

Where is the future of marketing headed in a sector with so much to do?

Marketing in the fruit and vegetable sector still has a long way to go. The main point that the brands must take into account is the fact that good raw material is part of the success story. The next step is knowing how to sell it, and this is where marketing comes in. We are aware of how difficult it is to create a brand for the end consumer, which has been completely forgotten or had little effort paid to it on many occasions.

Does the future of marketing mean online marketing?

Marketing encompasses many areas. Just because online marketing is taking off, doesn’t mean that it is the only type. It is true that in marketing data is the predominant part and in its online area this data is easy to measure, that is to say, a campaign can be supervised from the very start. The brand strategy must be global, coherent at all the points of contact (distributor, consumer, online, store…), and it must be in line with the company’s viewpoint.

In order to achieve a recognised brand, what actions must be carried out? What should never be done?

You should never stop communicating. Whatever is not said, does not exist and you cannot expect a brand to be recognised if it has not been advertised. It is important for this communication not to be an isolated or improvised exercise. It must be an articulated element, which moves alongside the brand strategy.

There are no standard actions; each brand responds to an audience and has its differentiation. Through analysis and decision-making, a balance of company-brand-consumer is reached.

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