El Dulze, a brand linked to its origins

Organizational changeover in the company from Murcia, which has now taken over the entire production process.

El Dulze has become 100% home-sourced, where even the variety selection depends completely on the company. “This was a change that we wanted to make because the market situation and the customers demand it. Now the sole responsibility for our production lies in the hands of an expert in-house technical team,” José Carlos Gómez, sales executive from the company explains.

“This new structure makes us more flexible when designing new varieties and allows us to even choose the ones we believe to be most suitable for certain formats”, Gómez adds.

The vegetables from El Dulze are harvested from over two thousand hectares of crops all over the country, with complete guarantees since the company is backed by the BRC, IFS and Global G.A.P. certificates. Nothing goes by unnoticed for a company that puts quality first and, to achieve this, it has increased its packaging staff by 10% over the past year, and has over 220 professionals in the technical and harvesting departments.

With this successful panorama, El Dulze arrives at Fruit Attraction with its usual brands (El Dulze and Tiernas y Frezcas), and it is also presenting a new, attractive one: Don Cogollo.

Furthermore, and as new lines, in its wide range of lettuce hearts, coloured leaves have been incorporated, amongst which red hearts and oriental vegetables stand out. They also continue to be strongly committed to sweet corn, white celery, green celery, radishes, sweet onions and baby leafs.

Regarding aromatic plants, the growth is continuous. In fact, Gómez states that “since we started selling aromatic plants eight years ago, we have experienced a regular growth every year and there are more and more customers becoming interested in this segment”.

Technology and research. Regarding its current lines of research, the company’s interest concentrates on leaf produce and on the use of high technology for the entire corn cutting process.

Furthermore, El Dulze has always held a clear idea that the new technologies are perfect allies to reinvent production methods. Therefore, a large part of the processes in the warehouses are carried out in an automated way, using highly specialised technology.

On the sales front, El Dulze is very well known in France with its highest rated brand, where it exports between 15 and 20% of its production. The executive understands that it is “a market that wants good quality produce and, although we have very little presence in supermarkets, we work very well with the wholesale market”. They also sell their produce in the rest of Europe and in the United Arab Emirates. On the home market, the future is hopeful because, according to Gómez, “although today 50% of our produce is destined for the national market and 50% for export, for the past two years the sales on the national market have continued to grow.”

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