El Dulze, a specialist in Asian vegetables now including recipes

Over a decade has passed since the company from Murcia el Dulze started working in the Asian vegetable segment

Pak choi, mini pak choi, choi sum and spoon choi, are the main references marketed by the company, which is in the process of increasing its range. “Innovating and keeping up to date regarding the latest trends that consumers are demanding have always been our goals. We are in permanent contact with the seed companies, we carry out trials, and we are seeing the evolution and development on our farms,” explains José Carlos Gómez, an executive at the company.

The evolution of oriental vegetables has increased year after year, and the response of the markets has been positive, “partially backed by the many cooking programmes on television and on social media,” Gómez states.

Preparation, the key to its significant take-off

The final take-off of Asian vegetables is linked to knowing how to prepare them. Aware of this disadvantage, the company from El Mirador attaches a pamphlet to their produce that gives information to the end consumer and that includes different recipes, in addition to nutritional values. This line is marketed under the brand Veguisan.

Although in Spain consumption is a long way behind what is happening in other European countries, for El Dulze oriental vegetables represent more a present investment, rather than a future commitment. The company has been working with Spanish distribution programmes for over three years now, “Although it is true that Asian vegetables have yet to show their attractiveness on the supermarket shelves, as occurs in England or Germany, I think that this is just a question of time,” Gómez affirms.

Due to this circumstance, of its overall volume, 85% of the produce is destined for the European market and only 15% remains in Spain. “We are sure that the Spanish market has a long way to go in this category and it won’t be long before we can see it,” the executive concludes.

The company, historically known for its very high quality lettuce hearts, has known how to expand towards other specialities such as mini bio snack carrots, fresh sweet corn, a snack lettuce for dipping or aromatic herbs.

The company from Murcia has always been at the technological forefront in its sector and it has a preparation centre of over 17,000 m², which is equipped with highly advanced automation and robotisation processes.

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