Enza Zaden extends its cauliflower offer


The seed company achieves continuous supply all year long

The cauliflower campaign is “ambitious” because, although the market is quite stable, this year an upswing in cultivated surface area is being foreseen. “At Enza Zaden we are looking for solutions to all the productions demanded throughout the cauliflower growing cycle. Therefore, we need varieties that may easily adapt to different areas,” Jesús López Almagro, Brassica Sales Manager, explains. Amongst their launches for this year they have Suntory, with an 80-day cycle, for summer and autumn crops, with excellent uniformity, whiteness and a short harvest window. Another new development is Serenity, with an 85-90-day cycle for autumn with significant plant growth and a very compact, white head that make it suitable for both the fresh market and for industry.

Varieties such as Chione are worth mentioning, with a 95-95 day cycle for autumn and spring that is very well positioned on the market due to its important harvesting uniformity and its excellent plant health; Twistique, an “all-rounder” in different areas of the country due to its excellent completely white head coverage, consistent and firm at different temperatures in winter harvests.

“In the spring, our success lies in Teleno, with small-grained, compact, white heads, which show uniformity in the crop and high tolerance to rising temperatures. Likewise, long-standing varieties such as Moonshine in the summer, Bielic in the autumn, Borealis in the late autumn and, particularly, Altair and Maimon in the winter, are the flagships of our portfolio, both for fresh produce and for industry.”

In specialities, they are introducing a new variety of purple cauliflower with excellent head compactness called Apoteosi.

In the kohlrabi category, they are presenting Runa and Keyah, with excellent colour, vertical leaves, uniformity and vegetable health. While Opus or Solares make up their most seasoned catalogue.

A special mention should be given to the ecological crops, which, in general, are on the rise and in cauliflower are responding to the needs demanded by the market. For example, in biodynamics, where they need ecological varieties that are not CMS, Enza Zaden, thanks to its 100% ecological brand, Vitalis, responds to its clients with varieties such as Mardi or a new material that they have in an introductory phase for next year and that is giving very good results.

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