F. Olivar: “Our imports are growing with Olinda”

Curro Álvarez

The company from Madrid continues to develop its import lines, particularly in exotic fruits

In this context, its brand Olinda, created under 5 years ago, has become a reference for quality in exotic fruits.

In particular, pineapples from Ecuador, variety MD-2 or extra sweet, stand out.

“In recent years, the boom in the category has become unstoppable. With an important specialisation in national campaigns in our DNA, we have seen how tropical fruit imports have come to represent one of the business lines with greatest outreach,” explains Andrés Alvarez, an executive from the company Frutas Olivar.

Pineapple imports, which we started as a trial, represent almost one container per week.

“The main characteristic of Ecuadorian pineapples is their high quality, owing to the weather conditions in the region where they are grown, which gives them a unique flavour. In fact, our pineapples come by ship and their colour and brix are very similar to those that arrive by air from other sources. The soil, the weather and the handling of the crop are essential factors.”

The second product in this growing category is mango shipped from Brazil, and the Peruvian and Mexican produce that is sent by air.

Regarding national suppliers, Frutas Olivar continues to strengthen its links with vegetable productions from Almeria, as well as with leaf vegetables, which it supplies under the brand Montañita. And using this same brand, the company from Madrid has become consolidated in fresh-cut produce, not only for the national distribution network, but also for the Horeca channel in Madrid.

In its quest for diversification, Frutas Olivar is a partner in a company devoted to the production of edible flowers in the provinces of Soria and Zaragoza, Innoflower. “It is a social enterprise in the countryside that employs people with mental disabilities and with which we put our grain of sand in social welfare.”

The company has 5 stands in Mercamadrid and two cold rooms for storing produce.

Due to the company’s family origins, which are deep-rooted in the Valle del Jerte in Extremadura, cherries have always been, and continue to be one, of its emblematic products, although today they also market cherries from Aragon or Murcia. “However, I always stand up for Extremadura cherries and particularly the true picota cherry, the Ambrunés variety, which can reach 25 brix. It is a very fleshy fruit, with less water than fruit from Aragon. It is a unique fruit,” the executive stresses.

Olinda’s good reputation has meant that the brand has been extended to a wide variety of fruits: watermelons, melons, kiwis, apples, stone fruit, exotics and even green asparagus.

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