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Flavourful, solidary melons

Part of El Monarca’s production goes to a campaign that seeks to improve the quality of life of people with Down syndrome.

The search for excellence does not only include offering high quality produce. Other aspects such as health and safety in the workplace or social commitment with the environment are values that are becoming increasingly important and, on this point, Frutas y Verduras El Monarca is an example to follow. Last year it developed a regional pilot experience that has now been extended to the entire country. This is the ‘Solidary Melon’ initiative, which it organises along with a supermarket chain, assigning the sales of the melons with this label completely to the Down España Association, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with Down syndrome. Additionally, along with this project they are promoting other initiatives that show their social commitment with organisations such as Flamenco Rosa (Pink Flamingo), a rowing team the members of which are survivors of breast cancer.

During this campaign, the company, which specialises in the production and marketing of melons, will market 13 million kg of Piel de Sapo and 4 million kg of yellow melons from 500 hectares that includes its own production and that of a dozen partner farmers. To homogenise the quality of the fruit, they select varieties in terms of criteria such as flavour and a good selection of resistances that encourages the minimum use of active substances on their crops to obtain produce that is as sustainable as possible. Not surprisingly, they are already working on obtaining fruit with zero waste.

Amongst El Monarca’s next milestones is increasing its own production using an ecological system (last year it obtained its ecological certification) and currently it is developing R&D trials to optimise water usage and to allow savings of between 20-25% to be made using controlled deficit irrigation strategies.

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