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Floretes and Bellaverde by Mr. Broko

Agrícola Santa Eulalia is diversifying its offer to reach more consumers

Variety is the spice of life, along with the chance to ‘win over’ new customers and attract the most demanding palates. At Agrícola Santa Eulalia, they work using this premise and, in fact, the company has incorporated two new products to its range. They are Bellaverde by Mr. Broko, a 100% fine-stemmed, very tender broccoli from Monsanto, and Floretes Mr. Broko, a new packaging for the 1st Range which, as the company explains, “we are marketing in three different variants: broccoli florets; cauliflower florets and mixed florets”, and it is being well received by consumers.

This innovation in products is running parallel to the company from Murcia’s concern for also introducing new varieties that contribute to achieving the quality they are seeking. On this point, they are currently carrying out trials with new commercial materials such as Thunder Dome F1 from Takii Seed; SV224 from Monsanto; Robredo from Rijk Zwaan or Príncipe and Trajano from the seed company HM. Clause.

However, quality is not enough when talking about making productions profitable. Agronomically speaking, the varieties must be equally attractive to the farmers and obviously, to the marketing company itself. For this reason, at Agrícola Santa Eulalia they are asking the seed companies to go a step further and to work on developing materials “with resistances to pests and diseases.”


With the campaign already started, the company’s expectations are quite positive and in fact, they foresee a growth of around 15%, reaching 1,300 hectares of broccoli and a production of around 20,000 tonnes. And all of this in spite of the fact that “the drought is affecting the current plantations, making it difficult to meet the campaign commitments acquired with customers” and everything is pointing towards a drop in the yield per hectare.

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