Fruits de Ponent is celebrating its 25 year anniversary

At a mass event, held on the 18th of May at the Seu Vella in Lerida, Fruits de Ponent celebrated its 25th anniversary. In addition to partners and executives from the organisation, the event was also attended by the ex-secretary general for the Ministry of Agriculture, Carlos Cabanas; the manager of Agrifood Industries from La Generalitat, Càrmel Mòdol and the Deputy Mayor from the City Council of Lerida.

Amongst the different speeches, the one made by the organisation’s chairman, Sebastià Escarp, stood out as he called for cooperativism as the model for the future, along with collaboration to face up to the concentration of distribution. Likewise, he gave a special acknowledgement to his partners, “who give their all, 365 days a year and often do not see their effort rewarded.”

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