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Green Fruits Coop. V is born.

This new union includes the cooperatives of Coopcisa, Coopego and Novacitrus, all of them belonging to Anecoop

The three companies will market 100% of their production through the new organisation, with over 65,000 tonnes of produce, mainly citrus fruit. They have approximately 13,000 hanegadas (8350 h) of surface area and around 1,200 associate farmers. One of their goals involves the specialisation of their warehouses according to varieties.

Green Fruits is the result of a collaboration project between the SAT Novacitrus and the Cooperativa Citrícola de La Safor in 2014. Three years after this alliance, the Pego cooperative joined the project. This union is aimed at marketing their fruit and vegetable produce jointly under single management.

At the presentation of Green Fruits, its chairman Francisco Gilabert, stated that “with the creation of this new entity, the companies from the agrifood sector are showing that we also know how to adapt to the times and to take on challenges and to do this it is essential to become more competitive by way of greater concentration of the offer and its diversification, in addition to the joint, optimised management of infrastructures and production.”

The manager of Green Fruits, Jaime Torres, declared that “our second degree cooperative, integrated into the Anecoop business group, should be able to reach a scope and a productivity that guarantees citrus fruit profitability. With our volume, we are Anecoop’s largest citrus fruit associate and platform for its associates.”

Amongst future projects, Torres emphasised his commitment to preparation of “Zero Waste” produce, the specialisation of the warehouses according to varieties and the opening up of new client lines.

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