Jumosol, constant growth

The results endorse the knowhow of a company that is committed to guaranteeing the mild flavour of its onions, 12 months a year

The Aragonese company from Fuentes de Ebro supplies its renowned “sweet onion” throughout the year. This produce comes from Zaragoza and from Peru, a country where it is also grown.

In just a few years, the third generation of the family-run company has managed to extend its business turnover with the establishment of productions in Peru, guaranteed due to the permanent residence of one of its members, from where the quality and the supply of the product that is imported is also guaranteed.

Jumosol is one of the companies that holds the D.O. Cebolla Dulce Fuentes de Ebro. Last year over 100 hectares were planted to supply this quality figure and from which they obtained around 5,000 tonnes. “For the current campaign, our forecasts included doubling the land, but the successive uncontrolled floods of the Ebro River took around 70 hectares with them, therefore we will have around 130, which will force us to end the season early and start with imports in October,” says Daniel Molina, director of the company.

The executive shows his interest in safeguarding the genetic material from the region and even making different selections. “We have spent many years making a massal selection of the qualities that we are looking for and in order to not degrade the material we are cultivating several lines at the same time. We have been working very actively on this aspect for 15 years now.”

Although it is mainly known for its sweet onions, the company offers solutions throughout the range: from red onions, to shallots, grano onions and sweet spring onions. “The most complicated onion is the sweet one and we have everything in place to respond to formats, packaging, qualities, etc.; as well as guaranteeing the overall supply chain: from seeds, crops, preparation, conservation and marketing. Customers also want solutions to their problems and new product or packaging proposals.”

Currently, Jumosol is immersed in an enlargement process of its preparation premises, as well as its cold storage capacity.

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