“Today’s consumers want 0 waste garlic”

Peregrin One Garlic offers quality produce for 21st century consumers

The garlic sector has not been as professionalised as other sectors. As it is residual, not a great deal of research has been carried out about its diseases, because land rotation must be controlled very well to obtain good quality and, at the same time, as few plant protection products as possible should be used. “Today’s consumers are looking for a product with as little treatment as possible, with virtually 0 waste,” according to Diego Mª Martínez, Assistant Manager at Peregrin OneGarlic, and Víctor López, Production Manager.

The family-run company, was set up 13 years’ ago in Pulpí (Almeria) and it has a branch in Cordoba. With an average age of 35 years and “very eager to work”, they define themselves as producers, handlers and marketers, and they control each of the phases as much as possible to ensure their standards. “We provide the seeds for the farmers we work with; therefore, we guarantee that all the garlic that enters our warehouse has the same quality.” In total, they have 300 hectares of surface area where they produce all the different varieties of garlic (morado, spring blanco and violeta) and for the past two years they have also farmed 20 hectares of spring blanco bio.

All the farms where they work are always located around their installations in order to be able to carry out a careful monitoring process and reduce transport costs, one of the determining factors during the past campaign. “The quality problems due to the rain and heat in Spain were passed on to the prices and compared to 2016/17, they dropped by half. When they were previously sold at € 3/kilo, now they are selling at € 1.50 o € 1.60”. It is worth remembering that in 2016 record prices were recorded because China reduced its production, therefore the sector sold at maximum prices of € 3.40/kg.

The start of this campaign has been marked “by the rain and the fear of China because it has planted more. We are lucky that people do not want produce from China, because they have become conditioned with the idea that the produce is not good.” To show the origin as a clear difference, at Peregrin OneGarlic they have decided to mark the packaging with symbols/flags that endorse the EU’s health guarantees.

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