Zespri®, always top-quality produce

Zespri® is aware of its responsibility for offering the best kiwis regarding quality, nutritional values and flavour.

 At Zespri®, they know that consumer tastes change as they look for new experiences, products to satisfy their taste buds and nutritional requirements. For this reason, and because they are a reference on the Spanish fresh fruit market, as well as being the reference producer of the New Zealand kiwi, the company has the great responsibility of offering, at all times, the best produce as far as quality, nutritional values and flavour are concerned.

Research has become an essential, top priority at Zespri®. The company invests around six million euros in R&D+i every year and a part of this budget is used to create and develop new kiwi varieties with top quality standards to delight consumers’ new tastes.

A clear example of this constant search for innovation by Zespri® is the creation of the ZespriSunGold yellow kiwi. It has taken ten years to develop this new variety, for which only natural growing techniques were used. A complicated and careful production method where the company did not hesitate to invest the necessary resources to guarantee the development and marketing of a top-quality product for consumers.

At first glance, the oval-shaped ZespriSunGold, with smooth, hairless skin is surprising, but it becomes more so when tasting its golden flesh, which is very juicy and its delicious sweet flavour with just a slight acidic touch. ZespriSunGold is a kiwi variety with excellent nutritional values and a high vitamin C content; it has three times more vitamin C than an orange and one piece of this variety provides all our daily the vitamin C requirements.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, or as a between-meal snack, the ZespriSunGold kiwi is a favourite of young and old alike. And the fact is that the times when this fruit is eaten, and the different types of consumers have increased in recent years. Consequently, at Zespri® they work day by day to ensure their customers have the produce they want and demand. They want to continue their presence in Spanish households as the favourite brand for its flavour, quality and confidence.

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