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Looije: a specialty specialist

One product and one variety of tomato twelve months of the year have turned the company from Murcia, Looije into a great expert in this category.
The company’s uniqueness lies in its high level of specialisation in one product and one variety of tomato, christened with the brand name of Sarita: a loose, round, cherry tomato.
Its staggered plantations in greenhouses, fitted with the latest technology allow a continuous production 12 months of the year. The result of all this is a high quality, very homogeneous cherry tomato.
“Our company originally had Dutch roots, and although today the company located in Holland and the Spanish one are two completely different organisations, in our “know-how” we have Dutch technology stamp: our greenhouses are very high-tech and are fitted with the latest technology (heating, CO2, humidifiers, etc.)” Juana María Hernández, the sales department manager explains.
The company maintains an annual growth of 15% and its current volume reaches 4,000,000 kilos. “Although in the first months of 2016 there were some market difficulties due to high production as a result of an excessively warm winter, at the moment the supply and demand has balanced out”, sources from the sales department explain.
The European destinations of Holland and England hold the first places in the company’s client portfolio, although the markets of Poland, Croatia, Switzerland and Ireland are also important.
Convenience food clients make up another commercial line that is important for the company, both in Spain and in England. And for the past few years, Looije’s production has had an important presence on some Spanish supermarket chains.
Its formats vary from bulk selling for convenience food clients, to 250 or 300 g. containers for some supermarkets.
The company from Aguilas has a consumer panel that carries out flavour trials three times a week. This panel helps to unify the quality criteria from the different farmers who make up the organisation of producers. In addition to this, in 2016 Looije has signed an agreement with the Miguel Hernández University of Alicante to train a panel of specialised tasters.

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