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Visual 3.0, all the techies on one platform

The company VISUAL 3.0 offers agricultural software where all the data from the fields, the sensors and the drones can be viewed together.
There are different technologies on the farming market that are adaptable to each technical profile and each necessity. These technologies are called “techies” and they are aimed at improving the productivity of the agricultural companies, although at times, it can be complicated handling such a large amount of information.
The key for ensuring that the incorporation of these technologies is successful is to have a single platform, where all the information from the plots of land is integrated and the analysis of the condition of the crops at is shared in real time. Otherwise, the handling of this information will not be feasible.
The added value of VISUAL 3.0, developed by visualNACert, is that at the same time, it has a platform where the other technologies can be integrated: ERP connection with the organisation, viewing of images from drones or small planes on the map of land plots, as well as data obtained through sensors.
This is the only solution on the market that provides this flexibility, which, in short, allows farmers to be much more operational whilst analysing the information.
One of the important advantages of the visualNACert technologies is its extensive experience in the agricultural sector of over twenty years, to which a network of technological partners and strategic allies, such as Telefónica, Gregal Soluciones (ERP companies) oHemav (drone flight company), must be added.
Contracting any of these technologies is easily accessible thanks to an experienced sales team that personalise the information according to the client’s requirements. Further information on the email:

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