Los Gallombares, the EU leader in green asparagus

Caja espárragos

The cooperative foresees reaching 9 million kilos in 2022 and experiencing a growth of 7% compared to the previous year

The agricultural cooperative Gallombares is tackling this asparagus campaign with “optimism”. And the fact is that the good production figures, with around 9 million kilos and a growth of around 7% compared to last year, is currently positioning them as “the first green asparagus producers and operators in Europe,” the Manager, Francisco Delgado, affirms. The incorporation of Agrolachar to the cooperative from Granada gave them a productive boost of one million kilos last year and their growth prospects continue. “We are working to open up markets in Singapore and Israel, particularly looking at how to implement the logistics to ensure that the produce reaches the destination with the best possible quality, and, at the moment, we are studying opening the market in South Africa,” the manager of Los Gallombares advances.

As part of this growth strategy, they are immersed in the building work of what will be their new operation centre, where they expect to start work from June this year.

“Regarding profits, they will bring greater work capacity, which means more kilos, but also better quality,” Francisco Delgado explains. “Our aim is to centralise the largest production in an industry that will have IFS and Global Gap certification and to ensure greater control by the technical personnel in the preparation plant.”

The new installations will cover a surface area of 10,000m² and will allow them to modernise and streamline their operations, with 11 lines of latest generation machinery and the capacity to handle 120,000kg of asparagus in 8 hours.

As the company advanced to Fruit Today, the investment will reach 7 million euros, to which they have added a payment of another 1.5 million to start up new automated lines in four of their pre-existing centres.

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