“Mango and avocado consumption grows 8% more than other f&v”


Enrique Colilles underscores the growth of the category in relation to other products, in a highly positive year due to the healthy trend.

The 2020/21 tropical fruit campaign has been marked by low production. 30% less than forecasted, owing to flowering and pollination problems. In the case of Trops, the greater demand for mangos, probably due to the promotion campaign ‘Mango TROPS, el Mango Más Mango’ (Mango TROPS, the Mangoist Mango), has helped them to maintain an “acceptable price level that partially compensates the final invoicing,” states the General Manager, Enrique Colilles.

Avocados are now a consolidated product in the family shopping basket, both because their versatility of use and the flavour they give to any dish are being discovered, and for their nutritional properties, with greater significance in these times when the particular concern about health stands out. “Even this year, when the fruit and vegetable sector has grown by more than 18%, and the average growth for the sector was been between 0% and 3%, in market research studies it may be seen that consumption of mangos and avocados has grown way above other fruit and vegetables, by approximately another 8%, according to Colilles.

The company continues growing in the neighbouring country of Portugal, where the installations at the new head offices in Tavira are already operating, and this year they expect to reach 4,000 tonnes of avocados between the productions in Portugal and Huelva. With good reason, Trops has had producer associates in Portugal for many years and these installations give the company an improved capacity for its service to producers and it will be used to improve their conditions to access other markets.

Currently, they have no plans to extend their production areas outside the Iberian mainland, although Colilles recalls that they have “solid alliances with producers from other countries that are complementary to our own production.”

This year Trops has started up several interesting actions: the positioning of avocados and mangos in Unica’s Healthy Box; an irrigation trial with regenerated water on the mango crops along with Axaragua; a pilot scheme using 5G technology with Vodafone… “They are all actions focused on showcasing how a company using an associative regime, formed only by farmers, brings capacity for development and innovation to the regions where we are present. For this reason, AENOR certified our process to establish the SDGs within Trops’ strategy, which is highly relevant as it is the second company in Spain to be certified and the first in the agrifood sector.” Another milestone for a company that never stops moving forward.

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