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Natural Tropic is underscoring the good prices of avocados and its fresh produce and convenience food section is continuing to grow

The final stretch of the avocado campaign is showing good prospects and a foreseeable advance of the close of the year due to the high demand and the lower volume available. The manager of Natural Tropic, Prudencio López, estimates that in general, the sector has seen an increase of between 10-15% in prices compared to last year (these are still provisional figures). In January alone, prices shot up due to the high demand and the scarcity of produce on the markets.

During this year the company from Malaga plans to market 17 million kg of avocados, 4 million kg of mangos and 2 million kg of custard apples. Regarding the last of these references, the manager points out that it is a product that has quite “a long way to go”, owing to its many properties, which are in line with the growing trend for eating healthier products, particularly since the start of the pandemic. “We are increasing our commitment to this segment. If we could obtain them without seeds, this would be ideal because it is the only thing that is holding consumption back and also there is the fact that it cannot be grown in any other areas,” alluding to the variety that is being developed at the Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticulture Institute ‘La Mayora’.

Another subtropical fruit that is interesting for the future is the guava, although at present the company is keener on continuing to grow in the references where it is already working, true to its maximum quality strategy through its own production and control over the processes. Currently, it is adding surface area and it already has around 400 hectares of crops, including avocados and mangos (own and rented out), and, simultaneously, it is increasing the volume of its processed produce line, with avocado spread.

Last year, Natural Tropic invoiced 41 million euros and this year, the forecast is to reach 46 million. Another example of the good evolution of this company from Malaga.

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