Novofrut: continuous evolution

The company from Granada predicts up to 15% growth thanks to its improvement strategy.

In a year when the pandemic is carrying on unabated for the healthcare sector, the fruit and vegetable growing companies continue giving their best to supply the market with healthy produce. Supermarkets have increased their sales, as have Wholesale Markets and greengrocer stores, compensating for the drop in the Horeca channel, according to the Sales Manager from Novofrut, José Francisco Novo, who predicts that this year his company is going to see a growth of around 10%-15%, compared to last year, and will market 6,000 tonnes amongst all the references its produces (custard apple of the Fino de jete variety; avocados – Bacon, Fuerte and Hass; mangos – Osteen and Keit; and medlar fruit – Golden).

“In general, the volume of tropical fruit (avocados, custard apples…) is going to be lower due to the spring setting, but the prices are rising.” In January, the prices increased by +20-30% in custard apples; between +10-15% in the case of avocados (which this year supposedly will experience an ‘on’ year, but the prospects deflated due to problems in the flowering phase) and the same percentage, +10-15% in mangos (which really are in an ‘off’ year).

Novofrut has maintained a continuous improvement strategy on all levels: quality, response to clients, service, production… This is the only way to keep clients loyal and continue recruiting new ones in difficult times. This year, Novo summarises, our motto is “continuity”. Although it is true that its most emblematic reference, the custard apple, will grow by 5%-10%, as it has been doing in recent years. “It is a very healthy product that is seeing an important commitment, particularly in the Vega area (of the Granada Coast).” And the common statement is made that “more should be committed to it in this area, because it is what differentiates us from others.”

At Novofrut, they have both conventional and bio custard apples, which now make up 30% of its total ecological production. This line is moving forward, steadily but surely, true to the company’s continuous evolution premise.

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