Meléndez: innovating means returning to the source

Patatas Meléndez has a clear goal: continuing to grow to ensure its leadership on the potato sector in Spain.

The company, with a market share of 19.1%, is facing up to new challenges to consolidate its leadership with the target of closing 2019 with a turnover of around 85 million euros.

  • 180 million kilos marketed
  • 1 % of the market share
  • Close to 85 million euros in invoicing
  • 250 workers
  • 24,000 m2 of installations

Clear commitment to innovation

At Patatas Meléndez, innovation is the route to success. Source and innovation are the company’s basic foundations, both in growing processes and in modern, efficient infrastructures to be able to put a potato with excellent quality on consumers’ tables, 365 days of the year.

Professionalisation of the agricultural sector

Meléndez has contributed to the professionalisation of the potato sector, working with over 400 farmers, advising them on the most popular varieties. In its Agricultural Plan it opts for controlling the crop through integrated producers.

According to Javier Meléndez, CEO of the company, “technical and scientific rigour are needed to ensure the perfect traceability in all our processes, and this is where the technical and quality team work on a daily basis, a perfect partnership with farmers to bring the best produce from the fields to the table.”

New, improved installations

Patatas Meléndez is continuing with its unstoppable expansion, extending its installations with the building of a new plant covering over 20,000 square metres and being a reference in the sector with regard to innovation and efficiency in all its processes. An investment of over 15 million euros is estimated, and it will have state-of-the-art technology, along with the latest robotics. The company’s CEO confirms that it will be the most up-to-date potato factory in Europe and they intend to open it in 2021.

More product lines

The company is a dynamic firm in the agricultural sector, restless, with a clearly innovative vocation, which has led it to diversify its product range and develop a new line of ‘Ready to go’ fresh potatoes, which it launched last May and that is being successfully positioned by the Spanish distribution chain.

This is its new ‘PaTapas’ line, small-sized potatoes for steaming and microwaving, perfect for cooking this way. A visually attractive gourmet dish that is practical and allows perfect cooking, maintaining all its flavour.

The ‘PaTapas’ are accompanied by 6 different sauces.

Client requirements

Meléndez’s strategy is centred on improving all the processes and being aware of the changes on the market in order to make the category grow and offer consumers healthy alternatives that are also easy to prepare.

According to the company’s executive, “we are going to present innovations that are committed to health and that are compatible with the pleasure of savouring a good potato or sweet potato: baked, grilled, with vegetables… This is our new range following the microwaveable line. With the development of this range of products, our aim is to consolidate the national market and open up global markets for our products.”

Environmental protection

The company is constantly concerned about the environment, a fact that involves reducing the use of plastic, a responsibility that is held by everyone. For this reason, the company is working on launching a compostable bag, unique in the sector. This initiative forms part of Meléndez’s strategy to reduce plastic by around 20% over the next three years.

Presence in Mercamadrid

Meléndez is opening two points of sale in Mercamadrid in mid-October in order to be present in the most important fruit and vegetable market in Spain, in addition to being a key logistical point that is going to allow widespread distribution for the HORECA channel and the retail market. The ‘Meléndez Market’, as this new business line is going to be called, will mean a launch pad from which new products may be offered and its image of quality strengthened. The company’s intention is to open up points of sale in the other main wholesale central markets in Spain.

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