A continuous commitment to the wholesale markets

Although now the modern distribution networks have taken over a large part of the fruit and vegetable business, wholesale markets continue to be essential

For a month now, the Valencian company Patatas Aguilar has had three new stands in Mercavalencia (35-37-39). “We, as a company, have never put wholesale trading to one side. We have been in this business for 53 years and before the supermarkets existed there were wholesale markets. In Spain and in Southern Europe they are very deep-rooted and will continue to be necessary for our lifestyle,” Vicente Aguilar comments.

These stands are added to the ones existing in Mercovasa, in El Puig, and the Mercado de Abastos (Food Market) in Castellón. Although their main produce is comprised of potatoes in all their different varieties and formats, they also market onions and sweet potatoes. From these three different points of sale, the company attends the needs of both the traditional channel (small greengrocers) and the Horeca channel.

The company also has a preparation centre of 10,000 square metres in Ribarroja equipped with the latest technology in the sector. “I consider the investment and up-dating of the machinery to be essential because it makes our work efficient and accurate,” Aguilar comments.

The executive has always been a great business visionary and over 12 years ago he saw the need to work with ecological produce, “when people hardly knew what it was.” Likewise, it was one of the pioneer companies in top-quality microwavable produce.

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