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For Melinda sustainability is a priority. A clear evidence of this, is the new TV spot aired mid November on all major Italian national broadcasters.

The TV spot is completely focused on the theme of “doing concretely“, expressed in a rhythmic parallelism between simple everyday consumers‘ gestures and the commitment of over 4,000 families of fruit growers who every day take care of their apples but also of their territory.

The footage also takes viewers to the heart of the mountain to discover the Hypogeal Warehouse (root cellars) where Melinda apples are stored. These caves dug into the Dolomia rock are today the only plant in the world for the refrigerator-preservation of fruit in an underground environment and in controlled atmosphere conditions. A conservation method that contributes to the protection of the environment, considering the significant water savings, resulting from the possibility of using geothermal energy to cool the compressors and doing without insulating panels in polyurethane foam, whose disposal generates large pollution. Furthermore, the Hypogeal Warehouse favor the protection of the landscape and the agricultural territory, avoiding building new warehouses above the ground.

Melinda‘s sustainable vocation is also expressed through other environmentally friendly activities that distinguish the entire production cycle. Irrigation is carried out through drip systems, a technique that allows to reduce the consumption of water resources by 30%. An energy efficiency improvement plan was implemented in all the plants: the replacement of all neon lighting systems led to savings of around 1.2 million kWh per year. All the refrigeration systems have also been improved with the adoption of the variable condensation system which allows a reduction of approximately 1 million kWh per year.

Finally, the Consortium uses 100% energy from renewable sources and self-produces about 6 million kWh of photovoltaic energy per year.

Many concrete actions aimed at protecting the territory and respecting the environment to ensure that sustainability is translated into tangible operations, precious both for consumers and for the farming families of the Consortium.


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