‘Moments By Ciruelo’

This is the new brand name the company from Murcia will use for gourmet varieties with different flavours

José Velasco likes to define a brand as a company’s “assets”. A stamp that brings “identity and for which we must fight,” as it reflects “continuous, high quality” work. For years, El Ciruelo has gradually been gaining international recognition and it is now a widely consolidated brand. Now the company is adding a new development for the gourmet segment: Moments By Ciruelo. “With this brand, we are offering varieties that are truly different, which are on the market for a limited time during the campaign. Therefore, we manage to make customers predisposed to try them, making them trust that it is something different and very good, with flavours that include lollipop, intense muscatel, candyfloss…,” the manager advances.

This new development is framed within the company’s specialisation line, which continues adding high value materials and that allow it to continue supplying the European market for seven months of the year. The latest incorporation was Itumfifteen, from the company ITUM, to which they belong. “This is the first year we have harvested it and we are still confirming its taste quality and agronomical aspects such as earliness and tolerance to powdery mildew.”

El Ciruelo started the campaign on the 15th of June with the first early varieties, and it expects to have a good run both in quality and in volume, reaching 40,000 tonnes including all its different crop regions. The latest in joining the company is a 150 hectare farm in the north of the Region of Murcia, on the border with Albacete, which has started producing this year.

90% of its production is marketed under programmes for distribution chains in the EU, as well as exports to countries on the African and Asian continents, and the company maintains a work quota of around 10% on the Spanish market.

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