Morales e Hijos: “The quality of Canary Island bananas lies in their source”

With wholesale marketing covering a wide range of fruit and vegetables, Canary Island bananas have always held a top position within the company at Mercabarna.

And the fact is that bananas hold the first position regarding marketed volume, followed by plantains. The company, integrated into the Eurobanan group, has its supply guaranteed through Coplaca, the largest organisation of producers from the so-called ‘Fortunate Islands’.

Andreu Rodríguez, coordinator at Morales e Hijos, explains that “the ripening of bananas and plantains is a complex process, carried out by hand by specialists. The source and the time of year, as well as other parameters are very important when ripening the produce.”

The company is also linked to the citrus fruit production sector in the Valencian town of Corbera, where it has its own production and it also has a preparation warehouse.

In addition to this, it is a panellist for important brands such as Zespri in kiwis, Marlene in Italian apples or pineapples under the brand name of Isla Bonita. And it uses this same brand name to market a wide range of tropical fruits such as papayas, mangos, avocados, limes, Brazilian melons and other more exotic ones such as physalis (cape gooseberries), passion fruit, etc.

For summer seasonal fruit, the company has close links with producers from the Lerida region and the production is marketed under its own brand name, ‘Morales’.

New Zealand kiwis are the third product marketed and this produce is prepared and distributed to the different customers from here. “At our warehouse we adapt to the different formats required by our customers and these really include a wide variety. From here, we reship a broad range of preparations, for bananas, kiwis and for other products”, the coordinator explains.

Mercabarna’s infrastructures are made up of 10 stands in the market, 20 banana ripening rooms and an extensive distribution and preparation warehouse.

The warehouse, located on the ZAC, has a clean room for preparing natural juices and freshly cut fruit that reaches the different retailers.

In recent times, the area used for the production and marketing of ecological produce has taken on particular importance; a space that is outlined and perfectly separated from the conventional produce.

The company maintains a marketed volume of around 60 million kilos.

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