“Nowadays experiences are on sale, rather than fruit”

Syngenta is seeking to revolutionise the tomato universe with El Reino de los Sabores®

Not all tomatoes are for cooking or for salads. European consumers (and consequently Spanish ones, too) are increasingly demanding greater variety and flavour, a mantra that is being repeated and which companies such as Syngenta are responding to with highly diverse materials, both in outer and inner appearance. They are also going a step further and are breaking down the barriers to get closer to consumers using storytelling, since today, end customers do not only look at the price, they also want to know what is behind the product they are buying and receive additional information, for example, through recipes, to know how to use the produce correctly, which pairings are recommended and even the correct moments for eating the produce. This is clearly shown in the brand ‘El Reino de los Sabores®’, a concept that the company has brought to Fruit Attraction and Alimentaria with excellent results and that it continues to promote, mainly on the Spanish market. Five varieties of mini tomato are included under the same umbrella, with others expected to be added over the next few years. All of them stand out due to their colour, size (fruit of 12-14 grams average weight and 25-30 mm diameter) and their high flavour profile. In short, complementary proposals, ideal for presenting as an assortment and used for snack and ‘on the go’ eating, since they offer consumers an intense flavour experience in a single bite.

Angelle: is a red pear cherry tomato, ideal for eating as a snack. Its flavour is due to its amount of sugar and organic acids, and worth mentioning are also its excellent texture and aroma, which leave a very pleasant aftertaste, a fact that has been recognised by the market.

Bamano: very similar to Angelle in shape and size, and even with a similar flavour, although slightly sweeter. The main difference lies in the colour: a very attractive bright orange.

Ivorino: is a yellow pear cherry tomato, which has a size and flavour very similar to the abovementioned ones and is in an introductory phase.

Dulce miel: designed for consumers who are seeking new experiences through innovative produce (it is estimated that they represent between 10-15% of the total on a European level), it is a green pear cherry tomato, with a completely different flavour to any other on the market up to now. “It is very sweet and is balanced in acids. Its flavour is very exotic and innovative, and it is very eye-catching due to its highly attractive colour”, according to Rafael Salinas, Tomato Manager for Spain and Portugal.

Nebula: with this red round cherry tomato, an authentic explosion of flavour is offered. The fruit has a very crunchy texture and is very juicy inside. When biting it, it explodes in the mouth and fills it with flavour. As it has more fructose than glucose, it has a characteristic fruity flavour.

Revolutionising Kumato®

The brand is being extended to offer a Kumato® for each type of consumer. Therefore, added to its Kumato Original® (medium-sized fruit and stable flavour, recognisable throughout the year) and Mini Kumato® (delicious, very crunchy) versions, there are another three new concepts:

Kumato Gran Sabor®: now on sale; it is a gourmet version of the traditional Kumato. This ‘Limited Edition’ has a more rounded shape and a very intense, delicious taste.

Kumato Tropical®: it has the same brown colour as the traditional Kumato, but its flavour is different, evoking that of tropical fruit. It will be launched next year.

Baby Kumato®: on the market next year, it is slightly smaller than the mini. With an excellent flavour, it is also crunchy and ideal for mixing with other colours or for eating as a healthy snack.


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