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Opinion of the tropical sector

José Linares, Spanish Tropical Fruit Association

It is unfortunate that work such as the channelling of the Chillar River in Nerja has not been carried out before to prevent water being poured away into the sea. Technicians calculate that 750Hm³ of the Guadiaro and the Genal are being poured into the sea, and with just 30 Hm³ the problem affecting the entire tropical coast would be resolved. The investment is not so great and it would be amortised immediately. The sector is ready to cooperate because we have good lands, farmers and technicians specialised in tropical fruit and new businessmen who are keen to invest.

Enrique Colilles, Trops

In Malaga we have reservoirs, but very few pipelines. In some areas, water is poured away and in others, such as Axarquía, we have a drought and water restrictions. The world is calling for as much avocado and mango production as we can produce, since we have the climate, the soil and the labour… The only thing that does not depend on us is water, and we don’t have this because the administration holds the authority over it.

Prudencio López, Natural Tropic

We urgently need infrastructures; tropical fruit cannot wait for the rain. The private initiative in Axarquía is strong enough to ensure we don’t have to wait for the aid from the Public Administration. The companies must join together with the producers to divide up the expense and finish the work, because there are thousands of families that depend on the subtropical fruit sector.

There is no proactive attitude regarding the Hydrological Plan. There has been no strategy of any kind on the subject of water for the past 30 years.

Javier Hernández, Tropical Millenium

We must take the example of other countries such as Israel, which organises the farming activity thinking first on how to manage it efficiently, and then they use all the water sources to the full, including sewage.

Juan José Diego, Farmer

There is a problem with the Viñuela Reservoir, and the Vélez aquifer is also at a very low level. The established regulations are not being met; there are people who are irrigating above the 140 level, in spite of the fact that this has not been authorised and this means a danger for the reservoir and for the natural aquifers. Public Administrations are doing nothing; they are just as guilty as the farmers. Some control measures must be started up to manage the water resources because water is being stolen.

Antonio Sánchez, D.O. Chirimoya Costa Tropical

The different political parties promised that they would support us and in the General Budget we saw that € 250,000 was contributed for the pipelines from the dams, when 200 million are needed. They are laughing at the farmers from Granada. Almost 30 years have passed since the Béznar dam was finished and the Rules dam was finished in 2005. The most logical idea would have been to start operating them to make them profitable. And in addition to this, between 4,000 and 5,000 litres per second of water are thrown away from the Gaudalfeo river so that ducks can go for a stroll.

The pipelines should reach the 400 level in the Almuñecar and Castell de Ferro direction, passing through Motril and Salobreña. Last year 4 million euros were released for the Environmental Impact projects necessary to start the work and there are another two projects pending, but with the 250,000 euros from the Budget, there is not even enough to make a start.

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