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Irristrat is growing in Andalusia

The irrigation management software, Hidrosoph has spread amongst the berry producers from Huelva and it is increasing its market share in Almeria and Granada

Optimising water management is an essential aspect for any agricultural business. To do this, specialised tools are appearing that allow the crop’s real requirements to be determined. One of them is Irristat, a software package developed by the Portuguese company Hidrosoph. The company’s over 20 years’ experience in water management, with over 190 different crop models and over 60,000 hectares monitored, in the open air and under glass, has allowed it to fine tune a highly efficient system, which integrates all the information necessary for decision-making and analysis of the results. Sectors such as the berry segment in Huelva and the lettuce segment in Murcia have already placed their trust in Irristrat and the company is extending its presence in Almeria and Granada, for the cherry tomato, pepper and watermelon crops.

“When we talk about irrigation management, there are two areas that must be taken into account: one is in the field where the monitoring takes place and the data is collected that allows us to determine when, where and how much watering is required based on the data obtained, and the other area is on a results level, for setting up and controlling the data obtained, to establish improvements in our productive strategy,” comments Mª Dolores Jiménez, technical and commercial manager of Hidrosoph España. Irristat’s main difference compared to other software is its ease of use, giving priority to the “clarity of the information” with a simple, highly intuitive app, as well as the technical assistance, led by an experienced agronomical department.

The company adapts to each client, studying production and sales strategy to adjust the management in terms of the client’s specific requirements. It also uses the most appropriate measuring tools in each case “and if the client already has other sensors, we adapt our system to them.”

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