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Origine Group: the premium business

This business union model has opted for Premium products, such as Sweeki or Pera Italia.

The Sweeki project is the brand with which the group intends to promote a top range Hayward kiwi, made in Italy, with a competitive quality –price ratio in both Italy and all over the world.

In Spain, specifically, the promotional initiatives that were carried out during the spring at Mercamadrid were very well received. And “we believe that the Spanish market, one of the largest kiwi consumers in Europe, already appreciates it due to its high quality, sweetness and excellent quality-price ratio. Now we must get ready for the next campaign,” sources from the company commented.

To date, the Asian markets, with China and Taiwan at the forefront, are the group’s favourite destinations and where they are obtaining their best commercial results.

Origine Group was born in August 2015 due to a strategic alliance between nine leading companies in Italy and Europe in the production and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The consortium – founded by Afe, Apofruit, Frutta C2, Gran FruttaZani, Kiwi Uno, Op Kiwi Sole, Pempa-Corer, Salvi-Unacoa and Spreafico– is made up of companies that have already been consolidated on the Italian and international markets, with a total invoicing of over nine hundred million euros, which have joined together their resources to offer a high quality product, working as one in innovation and new varieties aimed at penetrating new emerging markets. The productive potential for kiwis and pears exceeds two hundred thousand tonnes of fruit.

The road travelled up until now has been highly positive and the CEO, Alberto Garbuglia. commented that “the goal is to extend the portfolio of products and even add new operators.”


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