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Naturitalia is backing slightly acidic varieties

The well-known brand name Naturitalia is attempting to attract new consumers through flavour

Augusto Renella, marketing manager and export coordinator at Naturitalia, explained to Fruit Today euromagazine that the stone fruit sector in his country “needs to be renewed through the quality of the fruit.”

In order to do this, the cooperative group that represents the brand name Naturalia, has decided to carry out a decisive renewal of its peaches and nectarines, moving towards slightly acidic varieties, which at their optimum point of ripeness will mean fruit with an important differentiating value and with very sweet flesh.

According to Renella, both Spaniards and Italians have similar tastes as “both countries like sweet-flavoured fruit. We have observed this characteristic in our apple and kiwi exports to Spain”.

This cooperative group is one of the European leaders in production and marketing of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Its centres, covering the length and width of Italy, allow produce to be continuously served throughout the entire season.

In vegetables, it is the main Italian potato producer and an important supplier of leafy vegetables, courgettes, carrots, onions, etc

And in fruit, it is worth mentioning the entire stone fruit category, kiwis, apples, pears, grapes, persimmons, lemons, clementines, chestnuts and strawberries, amongst others.

With a clear bias towards exports, its main destinations are the German, British and French markets, to which 60% of its production goes. The rest stays on the home market.

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