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Terrallana is backing ‘eco’ garlic

This family-run company, Terrallana, was a pioneer in producing black garlic with a Japanese partner (supplier of the famous chef Martín Berasategui), but what they are really known for is for their commitment to ecological produce, in which they have 30 years of experience.

They produce purple (60% of the overall turnover), violet and white garlic. In recent years, they have been producing “spring” garlic to arrive on the market a month early (it is sown in September and harvested in May), and as far as possible, they avoid purchasing garlic from other origins to reduce the carbon footprint. “We only purchase from Argentina to serve a customer who asks us for it”, states María Moreno, manager of the company.

With a clear bias towards the export business from its very beginning (99% is sent abroad, mainly to European supermarkets), Terrallana differentiates itself from other companies due to its friendly customer services. “We are a family-run company, with good communication between us, a fact that makes it easier to have a very direct, friendly treatment with customers.”

For this year, they have planted around 100 hectares. Amongst their most recent projects is the enlargement of their installations to bring together all the work of drying, peeling and packaging under the same roof.

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