Poland and Spain, a brotherhood for broccoli

Spanish broccoli producers, members of +Brócoli, visited Poland from the 3rd to the 6th of October, invited by their sister association, Stowarzyszenie-promocji-brokula.

Poland is the second European producer of this vegetable, quite a way behind Spain, although it already has around 8,000 hectares of cropland; whilst in our country we have over 40,000 hectares.

The development of the crop in this country is following a very similar route to that taken by Spain in its beginnings, including the fact that for the past few years it has had an association, sister to the Spanish +Brócoli, which was established in a very similar way and with the same goals and working methods.

The Polish producers will return the visit to Spain in the winter, when they cannot produce. Poland and Spain are complementary from the production point of view. The former produces between June and October, whilst the latter has its important export campaign from November to May. Therefore, there could be “an important cooperation between the two regions,” as Javier Bernabéu, secretary of +Brócoli, has commented, since the destination market of both countries is Europe as a whole.

In its eagerness to motivate the different promotion initiatives for broccoli consumption around the world, Sakata Seed Ibérica, a member of +Brócoli,  has given particular support to this initiative, helping the association to organise the journey taken by the members.

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