“Purple garlic goes further”

Eva García

The Protected Geographical Indication ‘Ajo Morado de las Pedroñeras’ is changing its strategy to reach the end consumers

The new advertising strategy of the PGI Ajo Morado de las Pedroñeras will underscore a new idea, in addition to the healthy concept: for every 2 or 3 cloves of garlic from other varieties, only one of purple garlic is needed for cooking.

“Ajo Morado de Las Pedroñeras goes further for cooking, double the other varieties because it brings more flavour”, explains Eva García, a technician from the PGI.

This is the new message that is to be passed on to consumers. “To date, we have underscored the large amount of allicin that garlic contains, its medicinal and antibiotic properties. The time has come to explain what happens on the stove, that is to say, we need less product.”

The new ideas for recognising the product are based on carrying out an important digital development of the brand, on social media and through bloggers, influencers and renowned chefs: “We are carrying out promotions in catering schools, teaching students to differentiate and recognise the peculiarities of the product: the round head, white on the outside with very thin cloves, which have a touch of purple on them, giving it its name.”

Regarding social media “we are very clear that it is the place to be, therefore this year we are devoting a great deal of effort to it. We have 20% more followers in general. We have profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and in the near future, we will be developing a Youtube channel.”

Amongst the new proposals, the collaboration with companies that distribute products online to the end consumers stands out. “This will make us reach around 5,000 people who will see the PGI logotype.”

“We want to pool all our efforts and join up with other PGIs, to work together on recipes for example. We have also become members of ‘Origen España’,” García adds.

The importance of this crop is paramount in rural areas since it keeps the population settled and even increases it, because a great deal of manpower is needed. And as a result of this, highly qualified professionals are also required, such as engineers, designers, computer scientists, etc.

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