Reyes Gutiérrez revamps its pre-prepared range

Thanks to its subsidiary Avomix, Reyes Gutiérrez has been able to create a new line, Freshmix, based on fresh products such as guacamole and, more recently, the “Chunky” Mexican sauce, as well as the new 100% natural juices, preservative and colouring-free, amongst which the custard apple juice, custard apple with pear juice or the mango and orange juice stand out, in 250 and 750 gram formats. All of them are produced using an innovative high pressure process (HPP) that preserves the product with all its properties intact. Although they have only started being marketed recently, Freshmix is giving positive commercial results.

In addition to this, with the pre-prepared range Reyes Gutiérrez is making the best use of its produce. The entire process, from harvesting the fruit until it is processed, has been designed to make as little waste as possible. On the one hand, they reuse organic waste to make compost for the crop fields. And on the other hand, they classify the remaining waste in categories for recycling and reusing as much of it as possible. This sustainable and transversal management has earned recognition from the Carrefour Group, with its award for ‘The Great Suppliers’ Challenge against Food Waste’.

With a view to continuing to improve and grow, Reyes Gutiérrez is now taking on a new expansion of Avomix’s installations on the Food and Beverage Industrial Estate in Vélez-Málaga, for which it has acquired a plot of 6,000 m². Likewise, it plans to extend its installations at the head offices in Rungis (France) and to continue increasing the size of its own plantations.


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