Greater commitment to the ‘ready to eat’

Tropico Spain has grown by 80% in turnover and invoicing thanks to the quality of its produce, which can be eaten on the same day of purchase.

For Óscar Ramírez, executive and sales manager of Tropico Spain, customers are the “boss” and he places them at the centre of his company’s interest, without forgetting another of the basic pillars of his activity, suppliers. With good reason, both ends of the chain are essential for growth, which in 2016 reached 80% compared to 2015. Last year, the company from Malaga marketed 15 million kilos of mangos and avocados, including both national and international production, supplementing the offer with produce from different sources (Peru, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Brazil) to supply its clientele 12 months a year. “Sales are growing a lot, particularly in the ready to eat fruit segment”, the executive states. Amongst the destinations outside our borders are Scandinavia, France, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia…. And on the other side of the ocean, Canada.

In order to ensure that the produce reaches the consumers at the perfect point after an average exposure of between 3 and 7 days on the shelves, care is taken during its harvesting, picking it at its perfect point of physiological ripeness and subjecting it to controlled ripening in cold storage rooms. “The ready to eat line eliminates problems with consumers, who acquire mangos and avocados impulsively (they are not yet basic products in the shopping basket) and they want to be able to eat them on the same day or on the following one”, Ramírez qualifies. The different studies that have been carried out to show the healthy properties held by these products and the intensive communication to transmit their goodness by influencers and chefs amongst others have had an important impact on the increase in the demand for the tropical fruits, in addition to the effort made by the sector to offer top quality produce. To continue advertising their produce, Tropico Spain will be present at Fruit Logistica with its own space on Extenda’s group stand, in hall 18 B-03e.

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