Ronda Fruits, a determined commitment to ecological produce

Ronda Fruits is one of the companies never had a doubt about its commitment to ecological produce

“Now it is just a matter of waiting, because we are one of the companies that opted for having our own space in the Biomarket. We have always firmly believed in this trend and we have no qualms about indicating that Biomarket will mark a turning point for the market,” explains Albert García, an executive from the company.

The company, which has always opted for working with the most prestigious brands, has its own one for its biological fruit programme: “Ronda Fruits Bio,” which will be the one most used when the company starts its new journey in the Biomarket. “Obviously, in principle, we are not ruling out working with brands that also have their own bio lines,” García acknowledges.

At the height of the stone fruit and melon and watermelon season, the businessman explains that “in stone fruit it is a season of trends, where we have gone from small sizes to triple A and quadruple A in a few weeks, both in white and red peaches and nectarines.”

Regarding piel de sapo melons, the company is “addicted” to fruit from the Subasur auction house in Murcia, with the brand ‘Mi Viejo’. “This brand has a very prestigious positioning and this has meant that the sales during this campaign have been almost 40% higher than during the previous one.”

“We have always sold the top brands and when customers choose a brand and it gives good results, they become loyal to it and this is what has happened to us with ‘Mi Viejo’,” sources from the company explain.

In watermelons, the company works with both Fashion and with Bouquet. “Both are in great demand and hold the same position on the market.”

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