Sakata, flavour at Fruit Attraction

Sakata Seed Ibérica will be present at the next edition of Fruit Attraction, backing the flavour of its varieties.

Under the slogan “Sakata Sabor” (Sakata Flavour) on Thursday, the 19th of October, the seed company has created a space on its stand (5D06) for a debate called “Field and kitchen”, where there will be a talk about the importance of flavour from the start to the finish of the food chain. This talk will be attended by Martín Berasategui, one of the country’s most distinguished chefs, who will act as a gastronomic spokesman.

Likewise, Sakata will present its most outstanding new products in the broccoli, cabbage and melon crops: Ares, Felicity and S1422, respectively. Ares is the novelty product par excellence. It is a broccoli variety that stands out for its early maturity, its uniformity and its yield. Felicity is a new flat cabbage, ideal for industrial purposes. Lastly, the piel de sapo melon that has yet to be named, S1422, stands out due to its long shelf-life and its good flavour for the end of the campaign.

Additionally, on the stand two of Sakata’s brands will be given starring roles: Sapito and Bimi. Sapito is a piel de sapo melon variety that stands out due to its small size (very convenient for handling, weighing just 2 kilos) and its intense flavour, refreshing and juicy. Bimi, already known by many in the sector, is a vegetable from the brassica family with a mild, sweet and tender flavour.

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