Sarita, a new pear cherry tomato

Looije redesigns its brand and extends its range with a new reference on its 20th anniversary

The Madrid trade fair is the setting chosen by Looije (Hall 7, D06B) to launch its latest developments in a very special year, when it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. One of the most important developments is the extension of its produce range with a new typology, the pear cherry tomato, which differs from conventional cherry tomatoes in its organoleptic qualities, since it is fleshier and sweeter. The company had already started production last year with 2.5 hectares, and this year it has doubled the surface area. In this way, the company is continuing with its specialisation in snack tomatoes and it is opening up the doors to new markets, always using its brand Sarita. “The quality and flavour standards are very high in both cases,” comments Juana Mª Hernández, Head of the Sales Department. With good reason its round cherry tomato has been given the award for Flavour of the Year 2018, acknowledging the company’s efforts to reach top quality and flavour over the 12 months.

On its twentieth anniversary, its brand Sarita has been redesigned and will be presented at this edition of Fruit Attraction, personalising the image to make an even greater connection with consumers, using “a young woman interested in healthy living, sport, the environment… We want to use this image to transmit the same confidence and freshness.” Additionally, the company is opening in October its new installations in the Polígono de Águilas, which will allow the current production to be tripled. The temperature and humidity are controlled throughout the premises and all the machinery installed uses cutting-edge technology. For 2018, they expect to produce over 5 million kilos on 45 hectares, with a growth of between 15 and 20%.

Within its expansion strategy, it has acquired 30 hectares where new high-tech greenhouses will be built. The first phase will start next year. Regarding exports, the company is seeking out new alternatives to increase its market share in Eastern Europe (where produce is already being served for catering chains in Croatia and Poland) and routes in other countries are also being opened up.


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