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Searching for variety balance

Maintaining a variety balance to satisfy the markets is a key point for a company like Giropoma.

Therefore, 15 years ago the company opted for the Club varieties. Specifically, Alex Creixell, manager of Giropoma Costa Brava explained: “It was a good idea at that time to opt for a product such as the Pink Lady®, which has had such good results. In these cases it is like leaping into the unknown, because an apple’s consolidation is not known until a decade has passed, but it is true that, a priori, Pink Lady® already showed all the signs of being a winner.”

And following in the wake of Pink Lady®, today’s challenge is called “Joya®”, another of the flagship brands from the same Club, of which there are already plantations in France.

“The essential point of an apple is the fact that its flavour does not vary; that consumers find the expected flavour throughout the commercial period. This is the great success of this brand since it never disappoints consumers. In the end, the idea is to encourage loyalty and repeat purchases.”

The marketing of Pink Lady® in our company has reached 5 million kilos and within five years all the plantations will have been changed from Crisp Pink to Rosy Glow, the current variety.

On the other hand, and although the sector is experiencing a downtrend in Golden plantations, from within the company they continue to back this variety. “We cannot afford to not have enough Golden available, and therefore, we help producers financially if they decide to plant them.”

Giropoma’s variety pie chart is divided up into approximately 7 million kilos of Golden, another 7 of Gala, 3 of Red Delicious, 4 of Granny Smith, 1.5 of Fuji and 6 of Crisp Pink and Rosy Glow. The company reached a volume of 29 million kilos last season. For the current one, around 28.5 are expected.

Technological infrastructures

Last year the company made an important investment in 30 dynamic atmosphere cold storage rooms, which has ended with all of them coming into operation this year, and a conservation capacity of 26 million kilos will be reached.

On the other hand, investments have also been made in flow pack technology, particularly for the highest value varieties. “Our aim includes being at the forefront in service and preparation, because quality is already a given fact.”

And here, the executive explains how his farmers respect the demands regarding the optimum time to harvest: “Until the parameters established by us regarding brix, colouring, etc. are met, our farmers cannot start to harvest.”

Giropoma’s main destination is concentrated on modern national distribution, as well as the central markets and 25% of its production is sent abroad, with England, countries in the Persian Gulf, Brazil and some African countries standing out.

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