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Taramay®, the “always sweet” watermelon from La Unión


Fresh, fun and always sweet. This is Taramay®, the premium fruit brand launched by La Unión Corp.

Aimed at consumers who are looking for maximum flavour and want to make the most of life through experiences, Taramay® covers a wide range of tropical and Mediterranean fruits, all of them top-quality, amongst which the watermelon is one of the most important examples. “We have managed to guarantee the best flavour in all the pieces thanks to a clearly differentiating advantage: our exclusive N.I.R.S. technology (Near Infrared Spectrosconomy). This non-invasive technique allows us to determine the sugar level of each piece, in this way guaranteeing the maximum sweetness of each and every one of our watermelons,” states Jesús Barranco, CEO of La Unión Corp.

Under the slogan “Always sweet”, this competitive advantage is being shown in the campaign launch, which will use the presence of Ketty Fresneda, Master Chef finalist, influencer, nutritionist and chef, as an exceptional Godmother and it will include a wide roll-out on different channels: digital advertising, point of sale promotion, social media and special actions.

With 57,000 tonnes of watermelons marketed during the last campaign and five product varieties, the company intends to consolidate its leadership in 2021, not only in terms of volume, but also in added value for end consumers.

La Unión, a common goal

Taramay® was born in 2018, the result of an initiative by La Unión Corp.  and a group of farmers on the Granada coast and Malaga, who were looking to supply the value chain with the best quality in tropical fruit. Since then, the brand has continued to grow, bringing together an increasing number of farmers from different sources.

The catalogue of avocados, custard apples, prickly pears, strawberries, mangos, medlar fruit, papaya and pitaya has now been extended with the wide range of melons and watermelons from La Unión Corp., the Taramay® brand taking on the role of flagship for all the quality fruit marketed by the company, not just tropical fruit. 80% of this production is already being sent to international markets, mainly in Northern Europe.

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