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Large ‘eco’ watermelons for the home market


In this campaign, once again Coprohníjar is increasing its ecological watermelons

The ecological boom has escalated as a result of increased concern about health since the start of the pandemic. The chairman of Coprohníjar, Juan Segura, confirms this to Fruit Today, advancing that in 2020/21 this segment represents the largest part of the growth for its watermelon line, and not only in terms of mini watermelons for export, but also the large-sized fruit (4 to 8 kg) for the home market.

This is the method the cooperative is using to adapt to the 20-30% increase in demand for ecological produce. “Last year they were well received, and this year, after a problematic autumn-winter tomato campaign due to the weather conditions, watermelons are our best bet”, according to Segura.

The first figures published by the Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Development Ministry of the Andalusian Government indicate that in Almeria 1% more watermelons have been planted this year. “There will be a larger offer and we will see how this works on the market. If we are lucky and the weather conditions are good, there will be a market for them.” The chairman of Coprohníjar predicts.

This year the company from Almeria will produce, between conventional and bio, 10% more volume and surface area of watermelons, making a total of around 16 million kilos and 220 hectares.

At the beginning of the campaign, added to the uncertainty of how the sales will develop depending on the weather, is the indignation due to the increase in imports of produce from third countries. “This is nothing new. The authorities continue to look in the other direction when what we really need is for them to control the borders.”

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