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The evolution towards sustainable packaging

Induser’s equipment adapts to the latest packaging trends

 Induser’s packaging lines are taking an evolutionary leap to adapt to an increasingly present trend at the points of sale: environmentally-friendly packaging. An option chosen by the majority of ecological producers and to which a large part of the conventional fruit and vegetable sector are also joining, advocating biodegradable materials in view of consumers’ growing ‘eco-friendly’ awareness.

The adaptation of the automatic packaging machines for cherry tomatoes has already become a reality in companies such as Biosabor, Granada La Palma and Unica. In their premises, Induser’s machinery allows any type of ecological cardboard (instead of PET) to be dispensed, filled and lidded, as well as flow pack wrappings with compostable film and transparent PLA packaging.

Last year the large packaging companies had already started to back recyclable and recycled material, R-PET plastic, and they carried out adaptations in the equipment to be able to work with it. Induser tested several clients’ equipment and modified it to implement and optimise its functioning with R-PET.

In France, important groups of cherry tomato producers such as Les Rougelines, which use Induser packaging installations, are cooperating with the R&D department of the company from Almeria to find a sustainable packaging solution, as well as to adapt the machinery and make it function automatically.

In 2019, they will continue to implement international sustainable packaging projects. An example that should be emphasised is the technological greenhouse project by SaraFarm in Japan, with 20 hectares of high-tech crops using cogeneration, which includes the installation of Induser packaging equipment after signing an agreement with Hitachi, one of the shareholders in the project.

Also related to state-of-the-art greenhouses, a project will be carried out in Russia, where they are providing their bio packaging solutions.

In America, the company has an important presence in Mexico and in the USA. “Although at present there is not excessive demand in terms of sustainable packaging, large companies such as Natursweet have come to Almeria several times to study different projects with us.”

For each of the projects that they develop, the company’s R&D department has a close contact not only with the end clients (the export companies), but also with the packaging manufacturers and even consulting companies from the large retail sector, “the first sector interested in finding ecological packaging solutions.”


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