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The first harvest of Oscar Hispania kiwis

Jean Baptiste Pinel

The French company, Primland underscores its commitment to the region with its new brand Oscar Hispania, which includes kiwis from Spain and Portugal

Jean Baptiste Pinel, manager of Primland, indicates that “we are basing our growth on the variety of the offer.” The company wants to develop green kiwis, such as the baby kiwi (Nergi), along with yellow and red kiwis. The plantations were created 2-3 years ago, but the first volumes will start to be harvested during this campaign.

To bring the production areas closer to consumers and, therefore, take part in a more sustainable agriculture, the company decided to have plantations in Asturias (10 hectares of yellow kiwis, 4 of Hayward and 1 of mini Nergi).

The forecasts for the next campaign are for producing 300 tonnes of yellow and 100 of green kiwis.

“In Spain we have planted using producers in Asturias and Extremadura. There is no long-term plan, the idea is to organise the production on the Spanish Mainland,” Pinel points out. “Extending the growing areas is a strategy that allows us to supply more markets, clients and consumers.”

Primland backs its sales with communication actions focused on wholesalers (direct marketing aimed at greengrocers, tasting campaigns, etc.) and this year they have created a Facebook España page.

Other sources

Over its 40 years of experience, Primland has extended its production areas to both hemispheres, with crops in France, Chile, Portugal and Spain, and so guaranteeing its clients a constant volume of kiwis under the Oscar® brand name, all year long.

In order to continue growing and improving its offer, they are working on alliances with producers in Italy, Greece and South Africa.

Kiwis in Spain

In 2020, Spanish kiwi production dropped by between 6% and 8%. On the other hand, overall kiwi sales are increasing on average by 8% per year (thanks to other sources). Consumption of this fruit in Spain reaches 3 kilos per inhabitant/year, although as a result of the Covid-19 healthcare crisis, this increased considerably as consumers were looking for food rich in Vitamin C to strengthen their immune system.

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