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With Valdemar F1 and Calima F1, HM.CLAUSE is extending its piel de sapo and Galia melon catalogue, putting the spotlight on resistances

The seed company HM.CLAUSE holds the first place in melon sales worldwide. A leadership position that it intends to maintain with new developments that meet the needs of the entire chain, from the fields to the table. Amongst the latest references that it has incorporated to its catalogue are Valdemar F1 and Calima F1, aimed at greenhouse crops in Almeria.

Valdemar F1 is a piel de sapo melon that follows the quality line of its most successful variety, Valverde F1, which has been leading the brand-name market for almost two decades, but with an important difference: it incorporates resistance to powdery mildew. It is recommended for transplanting dates from mid-January to mid-March (the same segment as Valverde F1) and its reasonably strong plant that gives a high production and its high qualities regarding flavour, grooving and homogeneity make it stand out. Additionally, along with the aforementioned resistance to powdery mildew, it also has resistance to fusarium, MNSV and aphids.

In another typology, Galia melon, the seed company recently launched Calima F1, its first variety with resistance to powdery mildew and aphids in this category. Calima F1 also has resistance to fusarium and MNSV and for this reason they have defined it as their ‘most resistant Galia’. Recommended for transplanting from the 20th of February to the 20th of March in Almeria, this material follows the same line regarding quality as its predecessors such as Brisa F1 and Terral F1, with which it coincides in dates, and Mistral F1, for January plantations.

This medium strong plant has a good aptitude for setting and has very good vegetable health due to the resistances that it incorporates.

The fruit show a significant homogeneity, both in size (between 1 kg and 1.5 kg, ideal for export) and in shape, and with a golden yellow colour and well-closed grooving in all directions that make it visually attractive. Added to this is the small pistilar closure, which minimises rotting problems, along with its good post-harvest.

Internally, Calima F1 is characterised by its crunchy, tasty flesh with a high Brix level.

Another of HM.CLAUSE’s new developments is Minimel, its first mini piel de sapo, which was introduced in all the zones during the last campaign and with which the company expects to see an important growth in 2022.


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