The markets are regularising

The uncertainty unleashed about the possible scarcity of produce on European supermarket shelves is receding and the situation has been regularised.

The removal of fruit and vegetables from fields in the Murcia Region has rapid consequences and the supply and demand situation on the markets has regularised.

“Just a few days after the produce removal, a change in the evolution of the productions could already be seen, which, was also accompanied by a fall in temperatures,” sources from Proexport explained.

“It is true that we are experiencing a few weeks with a lower production rate and this situation will help with the sector’s order, but under no circumstances is there a scarcity of produce and the programmes are guaranteed.”

After the oversupply, which started appearing in November and reached its maximum height at Christmas and in January, the situation has moved towards being naturally ordered, by which “each programme with the European distribution chains is guaranteed”, Juan Marín, chairman of the organisation explained.

The broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce harvests were most affected by the unusually high temperatures for the autumn-winter season. These adverse weather conditions caused all the harvests to arrive early, which coincided with a market showing a weak demand (the unusual warmth for the season also affected the European destinations that tended to supply themselves using their own productions). However, a few days after the removal actions, the sector began to note an upturn in fresh vegetable prices.

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