The three new varieties from Onubafruit

Shani, Wengi and Bella are the exclusive new raspberry variety proposals that the berry giant is presenting.

The new varieties are the result of the organisation’s own research programmes, carried out by the second degree cooperative on its experimental farm and that are now being added to an already successful sales catalogue.

The three varieties have good post harvest life, good size and a bright red colour, but their main attribute is their flavour. Shani is a very uniform, conical fruit, with a good appearance and excellent post-harvest in the winter window, where the varieties find it difficult to adapt. Wengi has a very good flavour and an optimum post-harvest. On the other hand, Bella offers very large, firm fruit, optimum post-harvest life, with a bright, visible colour, high yield and is very well adapted to high temperatures.

This new variety input allows Onubafruit to consolidate its commitment with its customers and farmers and it means an important step forwards in terms of technology, production, variety and quality.

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