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Vicente Bordils continues as CGC chairman

The general assembly of the Citrus Fruit Management Committee (Comité de Gestión de Cítricos -CGC), which meets yearly, has proceeded to renew its governing body. Therefore, the associates backed the continuity as chairman of Vicente Bordils. On the other hand, the assembly also approved the incorporation as vice-chairman with executive responsibilities of Manuel V. Arrufat, a businessman from Villarreal with an extensive experience in the citrus growing sector. In the same way, Vicente Giner (Vicente Giner SA), José Luis Martinavarro (Grupo Martinavarro), Marcos Gual (Frutas Bagu) and Néstor Pascual (FEPAC- Asaja) will continue as vice-chairmen of the CGC. Manuel V. Arrufat has had a long professional career linked to citrus fruit exports. Even his surname has this relationship implicit in it, since it is the same as the name of the Arrufatina clementine, a spontaneous mutation of the clemenules discovered in a field of Villareal. For a long time he managed the family business, and he is also known for his involvement as an associate both in the CGC itself and in the Association of Exporters of Castellón (Asociación de Exportadores de Castellón – Asociex).


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