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“We are firm supporters of ecological produce”

Ecological produce has become one of the best developed lines by Morales e hijos

For this reason, in its warehouse at the ZAC, the company has a specific, enclosed area devoted to the production and marketing of this type of produce.

“There is no longer a substantial difference in prices between conventional and ecological produce. And this fact is contributing to its expansion. In Barcelona, the shops have a wider range and a greater offer every day, and the demand continues to grow,” Miguel Rodríguez, manager of the company explains.

But bananas are the company’s top produce, with a volume that reaches 40% of its marketing. The company is integrated into the Eurobanan group and, through Coplaca, the largest organisation of producers from the Fortunate Islands, they have their supply guaranteed.

Morales e Hijos is also a panellist for prestigious brands such as Zespri, Marlene or Isla Bonita for avocados, mangos and papayones and pineapples.

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