’We are fresh’, Cricket’s summer campaign


Campo de Lorca has launched a campaign to also provide consumer products such as broccoli, cauliflower and flat cabbage during the warmer months.

Light-hearted, fresh, more daring and fun. This is the new campaign by Cricket, the international brand belonging to the specialist in brassicas, Campo de Lorca. They are using it to try to revive consumption of produce associated with the winter months. Using the slogan ‘Somos unos frescos’ (We are fresh), they are giving a nod to the younger generation, laying out the idea that vegetables can also be enjoyed in the summer, giving centre stage to the dishes thanks to their versatility.

From the 21st of June until September, they will publish different proposals on their social media accounts to inspire summer menus with broccoli, flat cabbage, cauliflower, kale and Bimi. “They can be used to make pizzas with vegetable dough, pasta dishes, cold cream soups, barbecued vegetables, salads using kale or our flat cabbage as a base…” Toñí Piernas, Marketing Manager, lists.

“Eating habits have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and Cricket wants to be part of this change. We are also here in the summer. We plant and harvest 365 days a year to ensure that consumers can enjoy all the flavour and properties of our vegetables.”

Campo de Lorca is a company with firm social values and commitment. Within this CSR, it is developing initiatives in different fields. This is the case of the agreement signed with the paddle tennis player Patty Llaguno, linking together healthy eating and sport. “We have been sponsoring sport for some time, but this year we are committed to a female sponsorship. We are very proud of contributing to promote the career of this girl from Cartagena, in Murcia, who knows our sector very well. We hope to be an example for the rest of society and that our brand is also valued due to our commitment to equality. At Cricket we are suppliers of health, we produce vegetables and behind all of this, there are commitment and values.”

Other initiatives involve the collaboration with AFACMUR (Association of Families of Children with Cancer) and two days of blood donation which saw an important response by employees.

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