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Zespri™ SunGold™, deliciously sweet


For the past 20 years, Zespri™ has been offering its consumers a kiwi with golden flesh and a sweet, juicy flavour with a touch of freshness.

The most irresistible quality and flavour remain on the market all year long, thanks to Zespri™ kiwis. A reference brand in the Spanish fruit growing sector that is now present in over 60 countries and which, thanks to the existence of permanent crops on both of the planet’s hemispheres, can guarantee that thousands of households enjoy the flavour and texture of its kiwis every day.

One of its most exclusive varieties is the Zespri™SunGold™ kiwi, which took 10 years of research to be obtained, using purely natural methods. This oval-shaped fruit has a smooth skin and its colour ranges between light brown and dark brown. Its flesh is golden and its flavour is deliciously sweet and juicy, with a touch of freshness.

A flavour that leaves nobody indifferent and that can be savoured in different ways owing to the fruit’s important versatility. The most common way of eating a kiwi is on its own, cutting it in half and removing the flesh with a spoon, although we should not forget that it can also be incorporated into different dishes. A good example of this are breakfast recipes, where Zespri™SunGold™ kiwis can take on a starring role, bringing an extra point of flavour to start the day in the sweetest way possible.

Additionally, it is rich in vitamin C, providing 161 mg per 100gr, which means that by enjoying just one kiwi, we are covering 100% of our daily vitamin C requirements. This vitamin helps to reduce the feeling of tiredness and helps to improve our moods, at the same time as ensuring we enjoy the juiciness and sweet flavour of this Zespri™ kiwi, which we can also find in their Zespri™ OrganicSunGold™ variety. We should also not forget the Zespri™ Green variety, which is the kiwi that has been in our lives the longest, as well as being the best-known variety worldwide. Its bronze colour and emerald green flesh are the main features of this sweet-flavoured fruit, with acid touches.

These quality standards are possible thanks to the Zespri™ System, the company’s own cultivation system based on 12 stages that regulate each phase, from the soil and the growing process, to the fruit’s arrival at the distribution point and that ensure that consumers know the fruit they are purchasing is healthy, safe, grown sustainably, with unbeatable quality and a high nutritional standard.

The Zespri™ System bases its quality on a combination of good practices that allow farmers to offer consumers the best kiwis in the world. And thanks to this system, Zespri™ is a reference in terms of quality, an excellent product and a documented guarantee to give confidence to consumers.


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